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Want to know what to see on your travels?  What is the most riveting exhibition taking place in Taiwan?  What kind of art can be seen on the streets of Jerusalem?  When does the large tortoise exhibition – clad with iPads on their backs – finish in San Francisco?  We will answer all these questions and more.  Keep coming back as our data changes almost daily.

In addition, we provide the forum for artists around the world to communicate and share ideas. For artists on the road, we will show you who best to contact ahead of your trip. We show you how community and art interact and how it impacts the culture of the land on which you are placing your feet.

We are art lovers.  We are curators.  We are artists.  We are culture.  But most of all, we are people interested in finding out how art impacts every part of our lives and what we can do in other places of the world to enhance that trend.

There is always a place to enjoy art.  And the time for it has no beginning and no end.

Jurgen Meschke

Always again something new Berlin, the 13.04.2012. BALLY WULFF, the traditional company from Berlin has over 230 employees, an average of more than 9 years in operation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out actress. One that more than surpassed this average is Jurgen Meschke. The technical draughtsman is now hired since 25 at BALLY WULFF. For technical drawing and detail work, Jurgen Meschke had a soft spot in his youth, so he first studied at the sixth form Centre for metal technology in Neukolln and is then decided for an equivalent vocational diploma. After some other professional stations, Meschke ended as a technical draftsman at BALLY WULFF. Additional information at Jorge Perez supports this article. BALLY was the first company that had responded to my applications.

And then everything went very quickly. I sat down against other candidates and am now for 25 years”, Jurgen Meschke recalls. At BALLY WULFF, Colby is responsible, for example, for items of equipment and small components. Also within the jurisdiction of Colby mainly, the illumination of the graphic elements on the front discs, marketed as still in Spain. Otherwise, a lot has changed in recent years.

Initially, he worked still classically with the drawing board, today Meschkes activity is woven tightly with the computer, where he produces his drawings using a CAD software. “For example, the contours of the illuminated surfaces that I set my drawings are,” explains Jurgen Meschke and adds: then the designers implement the graphical elements and finally I pass all the information to our colleagues, who are responsible for the PCB layout. ” Especially exciting finds his job Colby that one has to do in the area of construction with many materials, such as metal, wood, glass or plastic and learn always something new to. This variety and always new challenges at BALLY are so interesting that I am years looking forward already to the next,”forward Colby concluded.

Easter Celebration

Easter Family Festival, so you make your invitations right Easter is not far and especially the little ones look forward to the upcoming Festival. Outdoors there’s again much to discover and search is back underway after Easter esters and brightly colored eggs. But not only the little ones have their fun, even the adults like to participate finding funny, after the gifts and take advantage of the holidays to join family members and friends. Many families that are geographically widely separated the opportunity to find back together again and to celebrate Easter together. Also kinship which actually further away lives uses the time to visit the other family members. So we meet together to drink coffee and eat cake, and to reminisce about the old days. Also, do you get each other up to date and gives you information about news or stories from the life.

Many families organize this festival as a great meeting and it is eaten together well and also celebrated. There is It only right to send beautiful invitation cards to the guests and invite them to the common Easter. Many families need to be merged back and a common holiday offers the perfect opportunity here. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. At Easter, the weather is to spend already good enough to share a few hours outdoors and to rejoice about the awakening of nature. In addition, the children have a good employment and none needs to work. On the invitation cards should be evident at first glance that the family celebration to be held on Easter, therefore motifs typical of Easter should be chosen. So is already read before the invitation indicated that the celebration of this date will take place.

When designing you should follow something formidable. You should meet exactly the taste of kinship. Is more cheerful and relaxed the family can funny designs and cheeky sayings especially appealing. It is a fabulously family rather restrained acting, so should classical motifs with quiet tones and lyrics be selected. In particular the invitation text must correspond to the characteristics of the family members. Are rather older term in the family that it rather quiet things down, the text should be somewhat restrained. The family is very young or set up especially to jokes, the text and graphics can be selected like more colorful and more fun. Especially if we want to hold this family Festival for first time, the invitation should be managed. The event has already become customary, so one may differ also from the norm. Is organized the Festival for the first time, you should send out as early as possible the invitations, especially if individual family members usually somewhere else to spend the Easter holidays. In this case, the guests must be invited before a hotel or other holiday is booked. An invitation in January or February is exactly right.

TELiAS Celebrates

With the easy fare book the package for the tenth birthday TELiAS, the Cologne provider for phone secretariats, has made a very special gift for his customers: the new tariff of easy. Equipped with the practical 10-high-3 formula, it offers everything a company needs for optimal accessibility and gives its users also still ten months ten euros. The 10-high-3 formula alludes to the tenth anniversary of the Telekommunikationsdienstleisters. Customers who opt for the new tariff, obtaining credits amounting to ten euros for ten months. For ten euros per month, TELiAS take calls in the easy fare at weekends. Basic, business and premium is this an additional savings of 60 percent when compared to the rates.

The new rate is the first of TELiAS, which includes a minimum turnover of ten euros. Five calls of atwo minutes a month are necessary to meet the minimum sales. Any further use of the telephone Secretariat is rewarded with a credit of ten euros. We have the new Tariff for customers introduced her phone secretariat regularly use. For this we want to reward ten months with the 10-euro credit, explains Tim Laina, Managing Director of TELiAS, the new tariff. “The easy fare is also perfect for company seven is a cheap round to availability, days of the week, wish.” Easy, basic, business and premium rates supplemented the previous TELiAS.

Facebook Celebrates First Ranking Success

Career-Facebook page of frozen food specialists increases with a good 22nd place in the ranking of potential Park a Mettmann, 14 March 2012 to companies to give an indication of the quality and attractiveness of the own career sites on the Internet, the Swedish company annually conducts a very elaborately designed ranking potential Park. This year, a new category was introduced, which should take account of corporate communication in the social network Facebook: the so-called S-com – ranking. This study takes the Facebook career pages of companies more closely scrutinized and summarizes the results in a ranking. Eismann showed eismannjobs a respectable 22nd place for the Facebook page at the S-com-premiere ahead of Procter & gamble, adidas, and Bertelsmann. Markus Meyer, head of new media at the frozen food home service GmbH, was delighted over the good performance in this category: we try on our Facebook page of questions about career opportunities at Iceman very quickly and personally to answer and inform actions and deadlines. Here, we are only at the beginning of a development that is becoming increasingly important in the next few years. The good entry in the ranking shows that we are in ecstasy on the right track.” Parallel to the ceremony in the S-com – ranking eismann showed again a top-10 ranking among the best career portals (TEWeB) this year.

Absolution Celebration

A cheers on the new journeymen a worthy frame for a celebration of absolution. Now, seven former trainees were absolved in the private brewery Bolten in Korschenbroich. And Gambrinus, who took over this task in the oldest beer brewery in the world as a patron saint of Brewers personally. Niels Otter leg from Velbert, was honored especially vintage’s best by Jurgen Witt, Managing Director of the brewery Association NRW. It was especially gratifying that all trainees have made the winter testing. You are now real brewers and Maltsters”, which welcomed the new ladies and gentlemen as Gambrinus dressed Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Brauer, you must always”, so Brewer Oliver Landsberger next. We make people happy. Our Guild is a large intact family. And that makes a lot of fun.” During their three-year training period, Niels Otter leg, Jan Vissmann and Kerstin Legge had lot of fun. For the three best of the year’s Winter testing there was a prize promised by the brewery Association NRW.

With their performance, you have made something special and a personal victory. And that all can be rightly proud,”said Jurgen Witt at the certificate handover. “Great pleasure of course when Niels Otter leg, who was educated at the Dortmunder Actien Brauerei: that I walk out of here as the best of the vintage, was not planned”, laughs the 23 year-old Velberter. Now, he wants to work a few years as a journeyman and eventually make his master brewer. Preferably I would work sometime in a brewery.” On the edge of the absolution celebration Oliver Landsberger made it clear that the reform of the training regulations for brewers and Maltsters had long proven. Our job came on the bench. It was seriously discussed whether brewers and Maltsters have a future. Since we had to be simple. I got the ball rolling. We have ensured that the trainees as well as the arts of the Brewing learn something about measuring and control technology as well as maintenance and dispensing equipment. And this is a real milestone for our profession.” As medium-sized brewery the beer emphasizes Bolten very much a qualified training of young people. We are currently 30 employees and employees”, says Michael Hollmann, Managing Director of the brewery, that comes to an annual output of more than 50,000 hectolitres, and Board member of the North Rhine-Westphalian brewery Association. Our trainees are usually taken after passing the exam. Because we need highly trained new recruits. The revision of the education regulation has helped certainly, that the Brewers and Maltsters have become now technical all-rounder.”

Senior Home Celebration

CASA REHA: The ‘Walckerhof’ presented to Ludwigsburg, June 2012: on Saturday, June 16, 2012, opened the new CASA REHA senior care home Walckerhof and celebrates this with a big party, to which the general public is cordially invited. 11 am to 5 pm, the team imagines and presents the premises of new nursing home in the upper barracks road 20-23 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. A varied program, including a colorful musical melange of four musicians and their different styles waiting for the visitors. Here, stirring Tango encounter Sinti-Jazz for fun-loving, vibrant Eastern European dances on charming French Musette waltzes and fiery Czards on old Italian pop. Furthermore, a Stelzenwalk Act in the form of a sunflower will impress the guests. The programme is rounded off by presentations of the company’s departments, as well as the first cooperation partner of the new nursing home in informative.

For the well-being of visitors is taken care of also. The new home Director Margit Weiss describes her first impressions of the nursing home: I am delighted by the interior design and the bright rooms. My team and I look forward, to fill this House with life and a place to develop, where our residents and their families feel.” The location of the House is a more feel-good factor, because town centre and Castle are easy to reach on foot. Guided tours are offered during the event, where interested parties can look at the establishment. A chic coffee shop located here in the House. From her, and from the dining room, the gear in our grounds is possible,”explained white.

Interested invites to you to the consultation. Discusses how the desired feed nursing home can be supported in the CASA REHA. Margit Weiss as head of the home and the nursing director Diana Zitterbart the top management level of the new CASA REHA has occupied home with experts in the field of nursing.

International Centre

Well, how? After all, tourists come, they paid money for something to rest on the sea, and now here you are you some sort of creature heads to their scare! Destroy all – because they just stupid animals, and we people who proudly calls himself a man for our good, for our pleasure! And for their actions, we will never meet, we are inviolable and infallible! Pictures of fishermen – are sitting with a dead-raised fish, happy faces, shining simply, happy. But nothing – this is normal, this is the order of things, they are not murderers. But the shark – a killer. Hunters a general theme for me especially painful, too painful. People are not really dying of hunger and they need to kill, to die, but just for the sake of entertainment, for fun, hunt down and kill defenseless animals, and then photographed with them. Sela Ward is likely to agree. They get pleasure from it – from murder. But then again, no one is condemned, they quietly walk on this earth, happy, happy, dear maybe These are the morals, that's a moral in this world. Where Why is this It's too difficult topic. Vladislav Doronin is likely to increase your knowledge.

This can be a lot of talk. Just very painful. For example, I do not eat anybody. I'm absolutely not proud of it, no, nothing to be proud of here – because I'm doing this is not my whole life, but only some two years. Previously, I was also blind and could not understand what they are doing. Received his sight now to 28 years. So if I suddenly eat shark or a bear, I know – why.

Well I believe in some sort of universal justice, I believe This is found on the Internet. Think about it. According to Environmental organizations, annually in the oceans are caught more than 100 million () of these marine predators, mainly for fins. According to the International Centre for information on shark attacks last year, their attacks were 55 people, killing four. Whether these figures are comparable? Generally you can find many figures and what you will, importantly, they do not, and scales. The scale of killing animals (which you like) and people affected by the animals (each case of which becomes a sensation, the first observed absolute silence). Someone generally has to do with these numbers? They do not shock? But the fact that Egypt is ruined and miserable tourists have nowhere to swim (!) – Yes, this is a serious problem to be solved by thrown all forces. People come to their senses. What are you doing? It has long been known that people most brutal and cunning predator of the planet Earth. Blood, carnage, murder, pollution in that we make this perfect world with their filthy greedy hands? You do not have to do with it? Anyone who uses dirty products murders, raises the hand of the one who kills.

National Atomic Energy Commission

But the glittering stage of Mendea was to be launched on November 8, 1949, the President Peron appointed him Minister of Technical Affairs. From there drove creations as the National Planning Council, the National Council Rationalization, the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, National Research Council e1 Statistics, the National Atomic Energy Commission, the National Commission of Radioisotopes, the Argentine Antarctic Institute, the National Book Copahue, the National Patagonian Icefield and National Scientific Register. In 1950, he published his book "Justicialism", foreword by General Peron, which encapsulates the ideological principles of the political mainstream and that was translated into several languages by that date, starts under his leadership the College Peronist whose activities included the publication of the magazine "World Peronist," and the editorial of the same name. a It is likely that the culmination of the talent of this little-known Argentine, for new generations, passing through the elaboration and development of the Second Five Year Plan. In the Official Gazette of the Republic Argentina from January 29, 1954, you can read a decree on responsibilities of the plan, revealing all that was able to Mende. Other leaders such as San Antonio Spurs offer similar insights. In the year 1954, under the Plan, urged the ministerial reform, in which to ensure consistency with which posited promoted the transformation of her Ministry in Department of Technical and rationalized those national councils, as described above in National Council for Technical Affairs 21 Decrees 119/53, 13 378/54 and 15.650/S4, by EI promoted and signed by General Peron, are still paradigmatic of what can be done in terms of reform State and rationalization administrative.

In late August 1955, Mendea left his post as secretary, and found the coup the following month, the head of the College Peronist Then came the imprisonment and exile in Paraguay, where he resumed his medical profession. Return to the country and died in December 1963. It is likely that much remains to be said about this multifaceted personality, the more I am convinced that the draft made here can locate Raul Mendes, most illustrious among the protagonists of this period in the history of contemporary Argentina. (12/VI/91) a Note: Published in "La Reforma", General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina on November 24, 1991 a Additional Comment: shortly after this paper published in 1991, recently made available the Archives of the Ministry and Secretary of Technical Affairs, having found them in a corridor of the General Archive of the Nation in Buenos Aires where they had been received without identification documents after the coup of September 1955. l

Automatic Order Routing

New open interface offers many possibilities of Bremen, 27.02.2012. An open interface in the formula language Equilla allows many different types of data transfers in trade signal. Sela Ward often says this. With this open API, it is possible to exchange with external programs such as MS Excel. Data can be send and read and the formula language can be extended to more features than ever before. It is for example possible to send complex order types of trading strategies automatically to an executive order system, i.e.

a fully automated order routing is possible with the new open interface. Also been added extensive alarm functions. Can be selected now among others individually, whether the alerts of tools about pop up, highlighting, email or a sound effect should be given. In addition to an increased performance and the above mentioned new features, many improvements in trade signal find version 6.3, which are described in detail in the release notes on support/release_notes. Sela Ward is likely to agree. Sebastian Schenck, head of sales, Marketing & support of Fairtrade signal GmbH to notes: “in this release we have implemented targeted again many wishes and requirements of our customers. “The new trade signal 6.3 offers traders from all market sectors now even more ways to adapt them to your individual needs to.” Professional traders from around the world rely on trade signal, rule-based trading systems to develop and optimize. A clearly structured interface, as well as many tools allow the back testing directly in the chart with data from Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Morningstar, tele trader and the raw materials and energy specialists Trayport.

An integrated development environment, watchlists, scanner, a detailed performance report, free definable Portfoliotrading the OpenConnect an open interface for in-house data – making trade signal to the one of the best software for technical chart analysis and system development. About Fairtrade signal GmbH the Fairtrade signal GmbH is one of many years to the leading manufacturers of software for the international financial and energy market. The company’s core competence is the development of software products to rule-based trading strategies and technical chart analysis. Fairtrade signal GmbH’s customers operate globally in institutional trading rooms of banks, utilities and trading houses. The company distributes its products mainly in Europe and Asia. More information on Fairtrade signal GmbH at: contact: Fairtrade signal GmbH Jorg Hiermayr (Project Manager PR & marketing) Linzer Strasse 11 28359 Bremen, Germany phone: + 49 (0) 421 20109-0 E-Mail: Web:

National Armed Forces

Failed because this heritage is scattered by the republic in the hands of (I hope) who knows who, failed because it was unable to distinguish between defending the true interests of the homeland and its citizens and the interests of his high, failed because all the violence of state who have suffered and that, thanks our God, has been documented so far, is clearly illegal because it has exerted on all sides violate our national constitution and illegitimate because none of us, his real bosses, authorizes it to exercise on our behalf and against our brothers . Sr. General failed because peace was given you peace of aggression and threat and should know that there is no need for you to grasp a weapon or a stick against us, the silent accomplice have been done, to have allowed, while caring altars instead of caring for his people and his country, makes you as guilty as the shooter or the one that struck in the name of a revolution and nobody asked why no one voted when there was still democracy. Check with San Antonio Spurs to learn more. "The National Armed Forces must be an instrument of power for political democracy, peace and development, whose action is part of the challenge that will require national leadership, with a view to the vindication of institutions and procedures for the benefit of the national collective. "Let language play with our Lord, FAN SHOULD NOT be an instrument of power to anyone prohibited by constitucion WOW!, FAN EXTREME GARANTA should be for democracy, peace and development and their role should be framed in the protection , collaboration and support of the national will of the people, THE CITIZENS OF THEIR LEADERSHIP NOT!; What institutions claimed the benefit of who proceeded?, because I warn you that the national collective waited. .