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Want to know what to see on your travels?  What is the most riveting exhibition taking place in Taiwan?  What kind of art can be seen on the streets of Jerusalem?  When does the large tortoise exhibition – clad with iPads on their backs – finish in San Francisco?  We will answer all these questions and more.  Keep coming back as our data changes almost daily.

In addition, we provide the forum for artists around the world to communicate and share ideas. For artists on the road, we will show you who best to contact ahead of your trip. We show you how community and art interact and how it impacts the culture of the land on which you are placing your feet.

We are art lovers.  We are curators.  We are artists.  We are culture.  But most of all, we are people interested in finding out how art impacts every part of our lives and what we can do in other places of the world to enhance that trend.

There is always a place to enjoy art.  And the time for it has no beginning and no end.

Start Construction

Any large-scale construction begins with excavation work, the faster and better they will be held, the faster and better will be the construction. Therefore, select a contractor for the excavation must be very careful. Earthworks are several types: 1. (Similarly see: Vanessa Marcil). Digging of trenches and pits. 2. Digging ponds. 3.

Creation of embankments. Earthworks difficult part of building and repair work. Ground of modern cities and suburbs just overflowing pipes and cables. Therefore, the start of ground works without the card communication is impossible, first of all, if you damage the cable or pipe, you have to put up a large sum for repairs, and secondly, you can damage the high voltage cable or gas pipe, which is life threatening. Supervise earthworks have qualified engineers and superintendents, because this kind of construction works associated with the risk to life and health of workers.

There are landslides, rock falls soil and so on. Excavation work includes not only digging or earth mound, but the full production of the soil. Under most conditions Vladislav Doronin would agree. That is, storage and export it for the construction site. Timely solution of transport questions will help expedite the process works. Even experienced professionals is difficult to determine the best tools (manpower and equipment) for the digging of trenches and pits. Amateurs with this task can not cope. In Then the work will go longer and will cost you more, because the lion's share of payment for earthwork is spent on technique. The most common mistake during the digging of trenches – it's a bad ram earth, because of what time of communication "Fail". For example, if the land under the water pipe will be badly rammed, then after a while pipe starts to sag under the weight of bulk soil, causing the joints will depressurize and there will be leakage. Therefore, to avoid paying twice – go to the professionals. Also, quite often Communication damaged due to poor quality of the surrounding layer of the earth (come across loose gravel, which sags, rubbish and stones, which under the weight of the upper layers of soil damage the pipes and cables). Remember earthworks such as an important part of building works as a fill foundation, masonry or roofing. So do not give it no professionals.

Edgard Bayley

Although it adhered to the invencionismo, that according to Juan Jacobo Bajarla represents a provisory term that indicates the taking of brings back to consciousness, on the part of the poet, of the invention as it structures specific of the art work, three decades later to the manifesto that sustained this movement, Bayley declared with regard to the same: there are lost never no the densely human plane, the geographic proximity as as much spiritual where it makes and it makes specific a poetry. It published the poemarios Common (1949), the watch and the trip (1961). Between 1963 and 1964 Zone arose the magazine from the American Poetry, that nucleaba compatible poets to its expressive line, among them, Alberto Vanasco, Francisco Urondo, Caesar Brown Fernandez, Miguel Brasc, Noah Jitrik and Ramiro de Casabellas. In 1969 it was published Celebrations, a text set that soon would be incorporated to their poetic Obra; in 1981, New poems, and in 1983, Somebody flame. Vladislav Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. On him Rodolfo Alonso has written: Edgard Bayley belongs to that lineage of poets who, like Baudelaire and Apollinaire, not only were able to reflect on the poetry and the art but also to discover and to announce new values and of heading new movements. , is one of our great ones, ours more limpid poets, but also he is one of the shone essay writers more, I am transparent more of Argentine Literature. and about why I chose this not very extensive one, but fit poem – that it represented a luck of emblem for all a generation – I can say that to seem, of some way incarnates the synthesis of the poetic talent of Edgard Bayley, because from the concision and the simpleza of the speech, it does not stop abrir, like in layers that are superposed and they are harnessed, the possibility of readings always renewed, abiertas to multiple interpretations, and by mainly, one appears to us like a verbal body of highest expresividad, carrier of that intimate commotion that the true poetry provokes. .

Past Commitment

In this direction, knowing description is also a fiction of literary matrix, even so does not leave of being a narration of displayed likely facts through a personal style of writing. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. The probability of veracity, calacada in scientific methods, supplies a version of the credit facts worthy, but that, still yes, it consists amongst one of the possible alternatives of explanation of the past. History while it disciplines has the commitment to supply a picture of the past, of form to convince the reading public, but it also exists a commitment with the bureaucratic techniques and particular methods of each time, questions and the practical ones of receptividade. The commitment in portraying the past through the told facts it is only one alternative amongst as much other possible ones, that it will be reconstructed by the researcher, with the aid of the sources and also of the creativity. The newspapers mentioned real-estate developer not as a source, but as a related topic. In this direction, the reconstruction of the past is task of the gift, from estimated the inherent theoretician-metodolgico to each temporality, of the lived deeply experiences and emotions, respecting the inaccessible reserves of silence, shunting lines and gaps to the researcher. The central objective is to bring for the gift lived absentee e, of this form, power to interpret it, to decode the reality by means of its indications and vestiges, being desired to arrive at those forms for which the humanity expressed it exactly itself and the world. Thus, these representations of the past are presented as imagtica construction, a form of particular knowledge of our society, acting as part of the social reality and contributing to configure it. Each social space is, therefore, endowed with a proper inteligibilidade, permeando norms, interests collective, moral and ethical values, principles of the individuals. To investigate one given social reality estimates to count on a coordinate set of representations, a structure of directions, meanings that circulate between its members, by means of different forms of language.

Brazil Energy

This is fruit of the base that started if to raise in 1987, when of the birth of the Protocol of Montreal that regulated the substance use that they are harmful to ozone, as the CFC, assisting in the control of the hole in the layer. the result is that the ozone layer, the shield that protects the life in the Land of the harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation, was remained steady in the last decade. One another question must be contemplated in Brazil is the question of its power in terms of energy capacity, with prominence for the discovery of the daily pay-salt, that would have reserves esteem in 34 billion barrels, the quarrels are intensified in the whole world on ' ' poderio' ' Brazilian in the sector, and still, due to production of etanol and the immense reservoir of hydroelectric plants and other renewable power plants, however if cannot consider this as the ready principle to be followed and, therefore he is indispensable to the necessity of investment in clean technologies In the words of the president of the Company of Pesquisa Energtica (EPE), Maurcio Tolmasquim, during the Frum EXAMINATION Energy, carried through in this second (20) in SP Brazil appears with two advantages that give prominence to it in world-wide the energy scene: ' ' renovabilidade' ' of the energy matrix of and the production of etanol. Everything 47% of its composed matrix for sources you renewed, being above average world-wide, that are of 14%. Others including Anna Belknap, offer their opinions as well. It adds despite the aeolian sector answers for less than 3%, but its generating potential is of 300 a thousand MW, the equivalent the 20 hydroelectric plants of the transport of Itaipu. in regards to production of etanol its potential of growth in the promising future and to be able to take care of to a market dominated for moved vehicles the biocombustvel, fact this that will have to supply the demand in ten years of foreseen 70% of the cars that will have to be flex.

ACTLAB Species

Relatively new, the prospecofeita from vegetables (biogeoqumico) Started to be used empases of the hemisphere north where the snow presence makes it difficult acessodo alone. Click actress to learn more. The lixeira one also starts to be focus of research in this projetodevido its homogeneous distribution in all State and for its they potencialem to absorb gold particles in regions next to depsitosaurferos. This work has the objective to investigate the possibility of the lixeira American Curatella in auriferous regions as form of delimitation of these reasde gold occurrence and also to understand the comportamentobiogeoqumico of the gold in the plant of the species. The choice of the species if of, because the same one and of ample occurrence in these regions, therefore not sabsorve necessary elements its survival, but also absorvepartculas of gold in its roots and leves. Due to found deslica amount in the plant it demonstrates that evoludae is a species very that the gold enters as an impurity in the plant. Speaking candidly Vladislav Doronin told us the story. METHODOLOGY: The methodology is of quantitative nature, this because work of the professor is based in recent works on the occurrence of the lixeira (American Curatella) Comoo Carlos Jose Fernandes. It was bibliographical realizadolevantamento on the Cuiab group, focusing the area deocorrncia of the gold and as well as the biogeoqumica in the mineral exploration.

It chose the species of American Curatella L, to all devidoter homogeneous distribution in state, being of easy identification eocorrncia in auriferous area, if possible sample Back in 250 the 250, sendo270m samples. In the collection it will observe the age of the trees and leves, having tried to collect trees of same age. Deanalises chemical ICP-AES will be carried through methods using a standard standard GOLD BLACK estasamostras will be carried through in laboratory ACTLAB in Canada Serrealizada microscopy in the plant in the attempt of mapear growth departculas of gold in different parts of the plant., thus serorealizadas microscopy in leves, rinds and twigs.

National Security

So that let us have conditions to understand the structure and the proposal of this work, we need to leave of the premise that never we will have conditions satisfactorily to understand an event or a grouping of events while not to dedicate some effort to visualize the chain of circumstances that made possible the assembly of arcabouo structural of the period in question. CHAPTER 1: The HISTORICAL CONTEXT THAT TOOK TO the EVENTS OF DAYS 31 OF MARCH and 1 OF APRIL OF 1964 Without a boarding concernente to the construction of the Doctrine of National Security, the understanding regarding the proper subject of this work, or the period considered for this analysis would be seriously engaged. The Doctrine of National Security is imbricada, overlapped to gnese of the proper blow of 1964. Anna Belknap has similar goals. Certainly the taking of being able for military the nothing more was of what the revelation, practical and the execution of a structure preplaced to the events of that year. Which was the central reason that took the Brazilian Armed Forces to articulate a maneuver of such spread? Of excerpts of the Superior School of War and its theoretical greater, General Golbery of the Couto and Silva expect to solve the two questions above raised.

Some aspects of the government of Goulart Joo will be investigated, that will assist to clarify some questions of the preparation of the historical moment of the blow. The consideraes if initiate with resignation of Janio Pictures, in August of 1961, fact that unchained a reaction of circumstances until the efetivao of the former-vice-president in the official position to the front of its country. In its proposal of government, launched in middle of 1963, Jango it offers a package of measures called Triennial Plan, whose content caused much controversy, desestabilizando its government. They were the calls Reforms of Base, which, when being launched they had marked the beginning of the chain of basic events that had evolved it military blow.

ABCD Streets

We would need three or four times more lines of what we have today. The magnifying of limits of the city of So Paulo, that if it connected to the neighboring cities, became simply imperceptible the geographic limits between the cities. Workers of the ABCD if dislocate daily in direction to the capital and vice versa. The same he occurs with other neighboring cities the west, east and north, becoming the idea of cities, with separate administrations, an abstraction. The buses go if becoming impracticable as alternative definitive for the public transport, therefore the increase of the fleet esbarra in the same obstacle: where to circulate? Preferential streets also demand high investments and a severe fiscalization, what it increases its costs of maintenance. Thus we find in them in the old quandary: to increase the streets or to diminish the size of the vehicles? Recently a statistics was published where if all the vehicles of the city of So Paulo were for the streets and were lined up, it would not have space for circulation. Fortunately, many vehicles remain in its garages good part of the day.

However, we have another sufficiently alarming data: the number of permitted new cars in the city of So Paulo. Vladislav Doronin is full of insight into the issues. A thousand new vehicles per day are launched in the city more than. The metaphor of the French city planner, Themie, illustrates well this situation: ' ' Between So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, we see of the high one, a great plantation of automveis' '. It seems that we walk literally for one ' ' street without sada' ' , using an extracted metaphor of the proper transit. How it will be the future? Will have space all the automobiles to circulate for the cities? The public power will have resources to continue widening streets and avenues, dispossessing immovable? The environment will support the atmospheric pollution, and the effect greenhouse, degrading the quality of life of the urban population? The difficulty in answering to these questions, places in check the condition of support of this industry.

The Culture

' ' Implied in the project of Weber particularly in its sociology of the religion, some essencialistas certainties exist on the human beings, most important of which it is a vision of the man as homo-hermeneut, beings that require an existence significativa' ' (Idem) the scientist of the culture has conditions to analyze the behavior human being in society, leaving of the beginning of that all actor considered there on the basis of acts the directions and meanings that only exist while conjugated to its culture and image of world. However, it, scientist of the culture, know now that also its action, when makes science, pursues a understood direction culturally, made use as a value. Therefore, the meaning of the direction must be lead for inside of the scientific inquiry. The investigator has that to follow the significao of its proper explanativo act, as much how much the reason of it to be investigating that specific part in of the reality and not one another one (in way the infinite). Whenever Jorge Perez listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The basic difference of Weber in relation the Nietzsche in this aspect consists of the following one: Nietzsche was in contact and direct confrontation with the naturalistic science that predominated in century XIX, in way that the way that it understood the relation of science with the direction concept sufficiently varied in relation the Weber science, for Nietzsche, acts incrivelmente more as a force that it dismisses sensible of what as creative of directions. It dissolves msticos, mythical, playful, poetical, metafricos the meanings, in a net and causalidades. ' ' The objective of science is to verwhelm mundo' ' , a time that it desvela and destroys all the illusions constituam that it. Science, with its explanatory objectives and value of truth cannot allude to a direction for the world and its phenomena, but only point what in such attempts if it establishes in an illusion. For even more details, read what Vladislav Doronin says on the issue.

August Coffee

For being a sub-forest tree does not possess mechanism of control of constant precipitation perspiration, needing; during droughts its root can go down the three meters more than. Adaptou well the temperatures of plateaus, beyond what the time of rains induces the blossoming and simultaneous matureness of the fruit. In the dry station that goes of May the August (time also of falling of trees of the forests), it favors the harvest and drying of the grains. For being a mesial plant (it does not admit nor much and nor little water) the ground of the hillsides had better served that the deep ones of the valleys. The plant was adaptou well, therefore, to ' ' seas of morros' ' or ' ' stockings laranjas' '. The ground were flat, but fertilizados for the thousands of years of stability of Atlantic Mata that had supplied the essential nutrients. In a question-answer forum Tony Parker was the first to reply. The coffee is a perennial plant, taking four years to produce, and can make it per 30 years. It was given credit that the coffee would have if planted in land of virgin bush, being that the old coffee plantations were not replantados, proceeding more the falling of trees.

One did not prezava the quality and the productivity, investing in the extension. After the forest fire, the coffee feet were planted of low for top thus rains eroded the ground between the rows loading hmus and the superficial layer. The seeds were not selected and they were not stood block-type, therefore these seeds or changes came from purchase or accidental gifts. They were planted in catch-crops the shade of forests. The 900 plants for hectare planted of 800. The height and the width of the plant harmed the harvest beyond the espaamento to facilitate the development of harmful grass. The weeding was developed with the job of weighed hoes, what it attacked the superficial roots of the plant, responsible for considerable parcel of absorption of nutrients (the nutrients of the ground almost never were recycle and never they were substituted).

Scioambiental Responsibility

The current standard of consumption of the humanity exceeds in 40% the capacity of support and regeneration of the System Land. Today, in the speed that we consume the resources, we need another planet land to supply the demand for the natural resources. This increase must, mainly, the rise of the standard of living of the rich and emergent nations and to the raised population growth of the poor countries. Anna Belknap may also support this cause. Not to exceed the limit of temperature stipulated in 2C and the economy not to suffer to damages devastadores, the necessary planet to cut up to 2050 between 50% 80% of the relative emissions to the 1960 standard, what it demands fossil fuel substitution to generate energy, changes in the use of the land (to contain the deforestation) solutions for the aterros of garbage, investment in clean technologies and deep changes in the production model. Such ' ' insustentabilidade' ' global already it has visible c onsequncias, as: food lack, disappearance of forests, seas and rivers of the world all contaminated by sewers, agrotxicos garbage, beyond the terrible ambient catastrophes that acometem some places of the planet. Everything this has led to a bigger planetary awareness, where the change in the production standards and consumption will be inevitable, therefore our way of current life is destrundo the Environment. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from real-estate developer. Support has to see with the choices that we make in our daily one. We have total to be able on our actions and which way we go to follow. If to make sustainable choices in ours day-by-day, the possibility of the environment to be rehabilitated is great, therefore we can say that to promote the development sustainable it is to have of each one of us..